what I do

I try to keep it alive, small and big moments and capture spontaneous emotions, such as joy, excitement, tension, excitement, happiness, anxiety, heartbeat, all that essentially make a moment unique and memorable experience. Photography is not looking, is a feeling. My pictures are the means of expression. If I manage through my pictures to make you smile, tear, dream or joy, then maybe I have accomplished my purpose…

my passion

I do not have the photography as a recording tool. The camera lens is what connects with what is happening around me and my pictures are the means of expression. I think the small moments, the little breaks in routine are those that emphasize our lives. Those unprecedented moments I try to ascribe. I like to work with adventurous people who wants something extraordinary. That put my heart, my soul into your story.

my philosophy

is not enough for a photo to be clear, or with nice colors that is outdated criterion photographer. Not enough for me even the composition of imposing patterns and do not express the ephemeral trends unrealistically tweaked frame indifferent to gain interest. Every photographer should have perception , emotion , courage , mood, personality , creativity , and so much more that the ones who are looking a little above the call ” different look ” . Depending on the ” fusion” of these components is the outcome and ultimately the “signature ” of the photographer . What should be seen by looking deeper into a photo? I think the Photographer

The Goods

every unique story deserves to be shared in a special way

online gallery

on line gallery

View and share your moments with your beloved friends and family. Keep all the memorable parts of your beautiful story together, from the pre-wedding celebrations to the wedding day or day-after, in one place.

prints in wooden box

Priceless moments presented in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box. Back to the principals and the value of what photography is and how interactive it can be.

wedding album


An elegant way to see the story in paper, made from magical details and precious moments of every single step of your unique wedding experience.

Wedding Photographer

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For me, photography is all about telling stories, we learn by stories. The value of each story lives within our hearts, ready for us to pass on to tomorrow’s world. The wedding is a personal story, your great story. Every couple, every family and every wedding day is unique. For this reason I don’t stage or direct when I’m taking pictures. I always challenge myself to transcend beyond photographic recording.  I strive to capture authentic and genuine moments, wherever they might be.  I prefer to look at characters, situations, emotions, and beauty of all sorts.

full time Photographer

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people fascinating me! i love their reaction and their behavior around the streets. So street photography is also my favorite hobby and a favorite kind of photo that has greatly influenced my work!..  I love the nature, I have grown up in nature, I like the nearby and the biggest elopement, along with my essential accessory, my camera..  Very often, I try to implement photographic personal and non commercial projects, just to have the pleasure of seeing my ideas become alive!!

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