1821 short movie, ελεύθειν όπου ερά

ελεύθειν όπου ερά, για την ελευθερία

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A 1821 fighter is in an internal reconnaissance match, a match with his soul that leads him and points him the way until he meets the Freedom he has to claim with the supreme price ...
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fest on village

Life in the Greek countryside is quite harsh. these country people are simple in their everyday lives and hard working. Notable moments for all of us are an opportunity for big celebrations for them.
19 Μαΐου, γενοκτονία Ποντίων

100 ys from pontian genocide

19 Μαΐου ημέρα μνήμης της γενοκτονίας του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού. Μια φωτογραφική απόδοση του ξεριζωμού.
historic battle 279bcGiorgos Gotsis

279 bc Greeks vs Celts

In 279 BC, with the leader of Vrenos, the Galats (Celts) invaded Greece by pillaging and arriving to Delphi. In Delphi, the Galats underwent a defeat, since all the Greeks of the looted regions were waiting with great anger.
Giorgos Gotsis

a landscape after snowfall

video and pictures with exclusive shots from drone at the snowy Trikala. Is the moment when the sun rises after the snowfall and warms the ice, forming fog covering the city besides the ancient fortress.
print003 1400x2100x240giorgos gotsis

abstract color forms

a series of photos that emerged in leisure time, playing with lights, colors and solvents. a set of decorative abstract photos, which has to do with the combinations of colors and shapes.
meteora. greece

Hanging from the sky, Meteora

Meteora Greece, rocks hanging from the sky. Landscape photos in a cloudy spring morning.