various personal photo concepts, inspired by history, everyday life or even fantastic. small stories where they come true through the camera lens.

1821 short movie, ελεύθειν όπου ερά

ελεύθειν όπου ερά, για την ελευθερία

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A 1821 fighter is in an internal reconnaissance match, a match with his soul that leads him and points him the way until he meets the Freedom he has to claim with the supreme price ...
19 Μαΐου, γενοκτονία Ποντίων

100 ys from pontian genocide

19 Μαΐου ημέρα μνήμης της γενοκτονίας του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού. Μια φωτογραφική απόδοση του ξεριζωμού.
historic battle 279bcGiorgos Gotsis

279 bc Greeks vs Celts

In 279 BC, with the leader of Vrenos, the Galats (Celts) invaded Greece by pillaging and arriving to Delphi. In Delphi, the Galats underwent a defeat, since all the Greeks of the looted regions were waiting with great anger.