1821 short movie, ελεύθειν όπου ερά

ελεύθειν όπου ερά, για την ελευθερία

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A 1821 fighter is in an internal reconnaissance match, a match with his soul that leads him and points him the way until he meets the Freedom he has to claim with the supreme price ...
people street photos greece

fest on village

Life in the Greek countryside is quite harsh. these country people are simple in their everyday lives and hard working. Notable moments for all of us are an opportunity for big celebrations for them.
19 Μαΐου, γενοκτονία Ποντίων

100 ys from pontian genocide

19 Μαΐου ημέρα μνήμης της γενοκτονίας του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού. Μια φωτογραφική απόδοση του ξεριζωμού.
meteora. greece

Hanging from the sky, Meteora

Meteora Greece, rocks hanging from the sky. Landscape photos in a cloudy spring morning.